knitting patterns that are fun to knit and fantastic to wear.

Enjoy clear, well-written instructions that are a joy to follow.

Written with you in mind, Truly Myrtle designs are thoughtfully created for a wide range of sizes and they have the added bonus of making you feel fabulous when you put them on.

The place to find yarn & patterns for beautiful garments, shawls and hats. Perfect for casting on today.




We make knitting patterns full of fancy techniques that are simple to master.

Try out something new in your next project. We have a bunch of photo & video tutorials to choose from. Have fun!

Hi! I’m Libby.

I’m Libby, a Kiwi living in New Zealand where it’s lush and green, with gorgeous beaches and a vast, clear-blue sky reminding us that we’re part of something greater, a tiny drop in the ocean of the universe.

Many years ago knitting bubbled to the top of my favourite things to do and these days I’m loving designing knitting patterns and helping you knit clothes that make you feel fabulous.

Everyone is welcome in my corner of the internet and my designs are created with you in mind. They fit a wide range of sizes and suit lots of different body shapes.

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On the Blog

A delightful collection of journal entries, video & audio podcasts, the Truly Myrtle blog is a treasure trove of stories, as well as knitting tips and tricks. Grab a hot drink and pop over for a read, watch or listen.

Blocking can feel like a mystery when your project has an unfamiliar shape.

So, we include a sketch in every Truly Myrtle pattern showing you the shape to block your project.

You’ll find it on the “yarn and notions page” with information about what needles, yarn and gauge you’ll need.

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I didn’t always spin. And, to be honest, I haven’t spun for ages – my spinning wheel sits next to my podcasting couch, and she looks a little lonely.

I used to think spinning looked wildly complicated. My efforts at coordinating my feet and hands sitting at demo spinning wheels at yarn festivals were hilarious.

Thankfully, they weren’t enough to put me off entirely, but it did mean my spinning journey began with a tiny spindle rather than a big wheel. I’ve been reflecting on a few things…

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“Argh! The choices?! What yarn should I use?”

Over the years, I’ve helped many knitters answer this question when they wonder what yarn to use for my shawl patterns. I promise it’s normal to be completely overwhelmed by the vast choice of yarn available!

There are a few things to consider when learning how different yarn behaves and what you might look for when choosing yarn for a shawl.

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